An Outline of the 19 Urban Districts in Saigon

The quality and price range of the apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam, will depend on several factors but most expats forget that usually it is the proximity to the city center and facilities that make a lot of difference. For travelers in Vietnam who want to look for an affordable rental property, it is a good idea to look for deals outside the central districts, usually in the 5 rural districts and less busy urban districts.
To give you an idea what it’s like to rent apartment at HCMC, here is an overview of the 19 urban districts.
• District 1. It is considered the central hub for all commercial, industrial and administrative offices and is the fastest-growing city in Vietnam, rivaling that of Hanoi, the nation’s capital. With the number of attractions and establishments in the area, it is not surprising that condominium rental in district 1 or D1 is more expensive than in the surrounding districts. However, with the help of a great home renting agent in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s easier to find spaces for reasonable prices. Check out websites and see for yourself how many expat housing options you have for your budget.

• District 2. Priorities in foreign and local investment here in Vietnam has made district 2 an attractive alternative to District 1, especially with the better transportation projects. If you like the vibe of D1 but is intimidated by the prices, it is a viable option to lease a flat at district 2 here in HCMC. You can also find less expensive villa rental in this district, although the government is soon planning to put up more multi-story abode leasing zones. For expats, these projects will mean more options for accommodation, especially in areas with sizable foreign community.
• District 3. Less crowded than District 1, it is much easier to rent a place in D3 because there are a lot of options for travelers such as French-style villa rental and competitive apartment rates around this part of HCMC. The district is also known for its local and international cuisine.
• District 4. Considered the smallest of the urban districts in Ho Chi Minh City, District 4 is located right next to District 1. Tourists love this spot for its array of affordable choices for room rentals at gold view condo in Vietnam. This is the best place to look for a cheap place to live if you want to experience both the old and the new of the city.
• District 5. Named the Chinatown of Ho Chi Minh City because of its large community of Chinese immigrants, District 5 has a lot of shops, restaurants, and pagodas. You can look for an affordable Saigon apartment rental here and still travel to District 1 within a few minutes by car.

• District 6. This is also part of Cho Lon or Chinatown in Ho Chi Minh City. Anyone who wants to get to Districts 5 and 8 within a few minutes should consider D6 when looking for an apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City. They are also known for their specialty goods and fruits.
• District 7. Considered the best place for expats, you might want to stay at D7 because of the variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, exhibits, shows, concerts, and nightlife in the district. If you want fully-serviced units or houses, this is the best place to rent an apartment here in the city.
• District 8. If you want to enjoy both the old and new traditions of the city, you can rent a house in District 8. It’s also one of the most accessible districts in the city, with connections to the major highways for public transport.
• District 9. Although not yet well-known to most travelers, District 9 has a lot of attractions for families and friends who want to get away from the hectic life in the busy districts. It also has one of the most affordable deals to rent apartment in Saigon.
• District 10. Low rental rates make district 10 an ideal place to rent a house if you are bringing with you your family or planning a get-together with friends or co-workers. Although there are fewer tourist attractions, District 10 has hospitals, schools, and universities.

• District 11. Saigon apartment rental rates in District 11 are much more affordable because it’s less busy than the central districts. However, it has attracted the interest of a lot of foreign workers, paving the way for more specialized shops and restaurants.
• District 12. It is much easier to look for special rates in District 12 than in the busy districts of Ho Chi Minh City, including dozens of villa rental options if you want to enjoy your vacation like a boss.
• Go Vap. It takes about an hour to get to District 1 from Go Vap, but it’s a lot quieter in the relaxed neighborhoods. It’s a good place to have walks with family or friends and to enjoy the local cuisine.
• Tan Binh. The district has everything you need without having to go to District 1, plus it will be easier to connect with the locals if you are a backpacker traveling in the country.

• Tan Phu. It will take 30 to 40 minutes travel to get to District 1 from Tan Phu District, but there are affordable rental deals if you want to stay in less crowded and less noisy neighborhoods.
• Binh Thanh. This district is full of mysteries to discover with its meandering streets and the variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants that dot the area. Food is good and affordable, and there are a lot of things to do here without the hassle of traffic and overcrowded streets.
• Phu Nhuan. It’s only ten minutes away from District 1 but the rental prices are more affordable if you need to rent apartment in Saigon. There are plenty of places to visit, too.
• Thu Duc. This district is known for the universities located nearby, and has a community of foreign students, teachers, and workers. Food and items are affordable, too.
• Binh Tan. Sometimes called the inner city of foreign workers, it borders Districts 6, 8, 12, and Tan Binh. It is also home to the most popular shopping center in Ho Chi Minh City and a major bus station if you want to easily travel to the other parts of the country.