CW: Sexism, Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia

In light of recent events regarding the statements said in a forum by several senior members of the Columbia Men’s Wrestling Team, the Engineering Student Council stands with the communities that feel victimized, silenced, wronged, and unsafe. We stand with the survivors of sexual assault and the victims of racism, misogyny, sexism and homophobia . We will provide support in any way possible. No student should feel unsafe at any time on this campus, and we are acutely aware that the aforementioned statements force students to question the foundations on which their whole community is based.

Furthermore, we urge the engineering student population to consider that rooting out intolerance is a continuous effort. We encourage student leaders to foster communities within our larger Columbia community that do not allow hatred and intolerance to remain on campus. It can be difficult to step up as a bystander, and there are often very legitimate reasons not to do so. If you find yourself in a position to speak or act against behavior that goes against our community standards, we encourage you to feel empowered to do so.

Students who need assistance are also welcome to reach out to any member of council and are also encouraged to make use of these undergraduate resources on campus:

Public Safety: (212)-854-5555
Counseling and Psychological Services: (212)-854-2284
Office of Disability Services: (212)-854-2388 |
Office of Multicultural Affairs: (212)-854-0720 |
Office of Undergraduate Student Life: (212)-854-3612 |
Nightline: (212)-854-7777
Health Services: (212- 854-2284
Sexual Violence Response: (212)-854-HELP (4357)
Office of the University Chaplain: (212)-854-6242
Advising Deans: (212)-854-6378 |
Residence Hall Leadership Organization: (212) 854-6805 |
Discrimination, Harassment & Gender-Based Misconduct Report Form:

We’re here for you, SEAS.

With love and support,
Engineering Student Council