CW: Election

As representatives of a diverse student body, we recognize the unrest that the current American political situation has generated within the Columbia community. Therefore, it has been our priority to provide unconditional support to every member of our community. As a way to provide immediate support, council reached out to faculty and administrators in order to care for the mental and emotional well being of those who are affected. Going forward, we will continue to be a resource to any student who needs it. The members of our Engineering Student Council will not tolerate hate, in either action or speech. We will intervene, not solely as bystanders, but as devoted, passionate members of this Columbia community, to ensure our community is a welcoming place for all members of our diverse and vibrant student body. Students who need assistance are also welcome to reach out to any member of council and are also encouraged to make use of these undergraduate resources on campus:

Public Safety: (212)-854-5555
Counseling and Psychological Services: (212)-854-2284
Office of Disability Services: (212)-854-2388 | [email protected]
Office of Multicultural Affairs: (212)-854-0720 | [email protected]
Office of Undergraduate Student Life: (212)-854-3612 | [email protected]
Nightline: (212)-854-7777
Health Services: (212)-854-2284
Sexual Violence Response: (212)-854-HELP (4357)
[email protected]: [email protected]
Office of the University Chaplain: (212)-854-6242
Advising Deans: (212)-854-6378 | [email protected]
Residence Hall Leadership Organization: (212) 854-6805 | [email protected]
Discrimination, Harassment & Gender-Based Misconduct Report Form:

With much love,
The Engineering Student Council