2016-7 Policy Committee Project Tracker

Open Meetings Sundays 4-5pm, Lerner 505B


Committee Members:

Sid Perkins Adriana Echeverria Vinay Mehta
Harry Munroe Nicho Villalobos Danielle Deiseroth
Aakanxit Khullar Pranav Arora Joanna Paik
Izzet Kebudi Richa Gode Priscilla Wang


Resolutions and Proposals

Date Passed Resolution Name Proposed By
10/10/2016 Smoking Resolution Sid Perkins
10/17/2016 Publicizing Survey Results Izzet Kebudi
10/24/2016 Supporting Pro-Bono Software Development Vinay Mehta
01/31/2017 A Resolution on the Community Dissonance between Student Leaders and Administrators, which Contributes to a Culture of Stress on Columbia’s Campus Sid Perkins
02/20/2017 Amendment to the Engineering Student Council’s Constitution (Continuing Resolutions Clause) Sid Perkins
02/20/2017 Share Meals Memorandum of Understanding


Reports and Other Documents

Report Author(s)
Smoking Report Sid Perkins
CCE Report Sid Perkins, Richa Gode
Addendum to SACs Memorandum on Suicide Prevention and Student Wellness  Neha Jain, Sid Perkins
Breakdown of Survey Results on Efficacy of Center for Student Advising and The Need for Additional Portals for Student Advising Izzet Kebudi
A Report on the Experiences of 3-2 Combined Plan Students at Columbia University Priscilla Wang